Europass – European language levels – Self Assessment Grid

Europass – European language levels ITA – Self Assessment Grid (1)

What is the first thing you do every morning? (open link)

Video Quiz

Answer the following questions about the video.

1) What does Erina do first in the morning?

  1. a) She turns on the heater
  2. b) She takes a drink of water

2) Erina’s room is _____ .

  1. a) cold
  2. b) warm

3) Erina takes a _____ .

  1. a) bath
  2. b) shower

The texting hat


Note : All Viralelt posts share the same structure. Teacher’s notes appear only on How to use Viralelt. This is done to keep “teacher text” to a minimum and avoid repetition.


  1. Do you think it’s rude to check your phone when you are with other people? Does this depend onwho you are talking to, or how many people you are with?
  2. How do you feel and react when you are having a conversation with somebody and they start checking their phone?
  3. Is it more acceptableto interrupt a face-to-face conversation when you get a phone call, or when you get a social media notification? Do you think attitudes todifferent types of interruption are changing?
  4. Do you ever feel that interacting withyour phone is more interesting and enjoyable than being in the company ofthe people around you?
  5. Do you reply to text…

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